Key Terms

On this page, we’ve defined some words and phrases to bring clarity to the statements and research listed on this site.

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Center City  – Each research report defines Center City slightly differently. Please refer to each research report for specifics. Independently from the cited studies, we refer to Center City as the area between Spring Garden Street and South Street, and between the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers. Center City is not the same as Center City District.

Chinatown  -The official RCO boundaries of Chinatown are 7th to 13th, Filbert to Spring Garden street. However, in practice and perception, these boundaries (as with all boundaries) are porous and dynamic.

emergency services  -Services include ambulances, fire departments, police, EMT, etc… that ensure public safety, security, and health.

dead zone – refers to an area that has little to no pedestrian activity, which can often lead to an increased sense of danger and crime.

proposed arena or arena proposal – Used interchangeably, the proposed arena or arena proposal, refers to the proposed construction of a new 76ers arena in Philadelphia by 76 Development Corporation.

predatory development – This refers to urban real estate development projects that seek to exploit communities and increase inequality for the sake of perceived capital gain for institutions and people in power. Oftentimes, the communities that are subjected to predatory development consist of a majority of vulnerable populations such as low-income, immigrant, working-class, and/or non-native English-speaking residents.

traffic or traffic congestion – Traffic congestion (also just called traffic) is a condition in transport that is characterized by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queueing.